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Our customers have built medium and large 8-sided bjurts, giant 16-sided bjurts, and 4-sided shower bjurts; bjurts for the Burning Man playa, other camping events, and for greenhouses. Here's what some of them have to say about their bjurt experience:

Bender's bjurt is one solid piece of outdoor equipment. It's been with us through thick and thin: torrential downpours to whiteout dust storms. If your covers are gapless, you can assure the metal walls and roof will stand with pride to protect the contents within. We've invested quite a bit of time designing and redesigning the cover due to an itch for style and comfort. But the extra time and labor has paid off in having warmer nights, cooler days, and a lot of "wow, that's a bitchin' tent."? When we're not out exploring uncharted territories, it's also quite nice having a yurt of this scale fold up like a giant camping chair, although the big plan is to own a home with a large enough floor plan and vaulted ceiling to keep this up indoors all year long! From long camping trips to simply having a kick-ass booth cover, I highly recommend spending your outdoors in one of these fabulous bjurts.     - Doris

I shipped out my big bjurt to Burning Man. 16 sides, 24' diameter, roughly 450 sqft of shaded space.

It performed like a champ.

Because of the winds and the size of the canopy, we were not able to put the canopy on or finish assembly until Wednesday, when he winds were quiet. Despite the persistent winds, and despite not being staked down as tightly as possible (I left some slack in all the candy-cane stakes so I could lever them out), the framework never so much as rattled.

In addition to simply providing shade, the bjurt had a very congenial environment that made it a popular hangout.

The 16-sided bjurt is somewhat different in spirit to the smaller 8-sider. It really takes 4 people to pitch or strike, and pitching takes more than an hour under ideal conditions. Still, that's pretty quick compared to a geodesic dome of similar dimensions.     -Adam

We used a bjurt alongside other temporary structures, and in short order we discovered that the design of the bjurt made it our standard for safety and durability. It was the only thing that did not need constant attention and adjustment. It just worked the first time and never let us down.

Any production that requires top quality tents for our clients, gets a bjurt. End of story! It makes them look good because we have top quality engineered equipment. You pay for what you get and that is never more true than with a bjurt.     - Hisham, Producer for TV, film and photography at The Photography Machine

Perhaps the greatest shade design I've seen/experienced by far so far is the one that Circle of Fire brought out last Flipside.     - posted on the Austin burners list, referring to Adam's 16-sider

I love this thing. We had a pretty decent storm the other day and I went out to check it in the morning and everything was just fine. I live about five miles away from where it is set up and there are no trees to the south or west so for something that portable to be that durable is pretty slick.     -John (using a bjurt as a greenhouse)

Folks, if you donít have one of these shower bjurts you are wasting your energy, your time, or your money. The shower bjurt was easy to setup, we had it up in just a few minutes. This year I did not have to spend hours building a custom shower for our camp and I did not spend as much on the shower bjurt as I did on the shower I built last year. Take it from me, getting one of these is a smart move. This thing is so easy to transport and set up, I am going to use it for all the events year round.     -EricS

I have used the Shower Bjurt a couple of times, at Burning Man and camping two weeks at a workshop. Both times the structure worked well. It was easy to set up - the hardest part was hammering the stakes to hold it in place. Once I had a 20x6 tarp wrapped it created a great private showering experience. I just hung a solar shower bag from the top of the structure and had a wonderfully warm shower. Highly recommended!     - Leo

The shower worked out great on the playa! We put some fabric around it and added a shower curtain for the illusion of privacy. We also used a blow up kid's swimming pool to catch the water. Once we figured out what we were doing it was super easy to set up and take down, super sturdy, lightweight, and definitely playa-friendly.

Thanks again for such a fantastic shower!     - Heather

First time I put my shower bjurt up with one other person it went up in 15 min, with reading directions. The second time was at Burning Man and I got it most the way up all by myself till the last push up and was done with cover on and shower bag tied in, in under 20 min. It worked amazing. Perfect size for a shower, a pallet fits inside and it holds a pulley shower bag with no problem. =D     - Koral